Wall Street Tech Spree: With Kensho Acquisition S&P Global Makes Largest A.I. Deal In History
Forbes, March 7th, 2018

Nadler launched Kensho five years ago out of the kitchenette of venture firm, General Catalyst, in Cambridge while simultaneously finishing a mathematics PhD. at Harvard. Fast forward to today and Nadler is selling the company (now 120 plus employees strong and profitable) to S&P Global for $550 million–the largest price on an A.I. company to date. Despite the sale, Kensho will remain a stand alone brand, with Nadler remaining at the helm.

With the aim of selling the powerful analytical tool to Wall Street traders, Kensho raised $10 million from General Catalyst, Accel Partners, Breyer Capital, NEA, Google Ventures and others in 2013. A partnership with Goldman Sachs soon followed. Despite the blue-chip pedigree of his backers, Nadler faced daunting obstacles.
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This Big Cryptocurrency Acquisition Could Create a Wall Street-Style Financial Giant
Fortune, Feb 26th, 2018

At an early Bitcoin conference in London, Allaire and his cofounder, Sean Neville, Circle’s president, laid out their vision before a rowdy throng of crypto-anarchists and libertarians. One audience member asked whether they, if presented with a subpoena requesting customer information, would hand over data. Allaire didn’t hesitate in his response—Hell yeah, of course! The confab nearly broke out into a brawl, Neville recalls, with one rabble-rouser rushing the stage, pumping his fist, and shouting to the others, “I will go to jail for you!

Despite the early tumult, Allaire and Neville found support. The duo’s broader, pragmatic vision attracted big investors—including Goldman Sachs, Chinese Internet giant Baidu, and venture capitalist Jim Breyer, one of the earliest backers of Facebook. In its last round of funding, in June 2016, Circle was valued at $480 million. (It’s no doubt worth a lot more now.)

To Allaire and Neville, the cryptocurrency boom represents an inevitable transition: money evolving from cloth to code.

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The Future of AI : New Work Summit 2018 [Video]
New York Times Conferences

From health care and financial services to mobility and cybersecurity, start-ups that utilize artificial intelligence are some of the world’s hottest VC bets. Where do investors see AI’s greatest potential — and its potential shortcomings — today and far into the future?

Jim Breyer, Founder and C.E.O. of Breyer Capital & Deep Nishar, Senior Managing Partner, SoftBank Vision Fund in conversation with Rebecca Blumenstein.

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New Portfolio Company: PAIGE.AI
WSJ, February 5, 2018

From the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Breyer and his firm, Breyer Capital, are leading a $25 million Series A round for Paige.AI , a startup applying AI to pathology to improve diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Paige.AI has signed a comprehensive license with the cancer center to gain exclusive access to its intellectual property in computational pathology, as well as exclusive rights to its library of 25 million pathology slides. The de-identified data set is one of the world’s largest tumor pathology archives, the company said.

“Over the next decade there will be several companies in the fields of artificial intelligence and medicine that will provide enormous investment returns and at the same time make fundamental differences in patients’ and doctors’ lives,” Mr. Breyer said.

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Podcast: Visionary Investor Jim Breyer On How He Picks Winners Like Facebook
Forbes, January 30, 2018

Founder and CEO Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital has an eye for talent. As one of Facebook’s first investors — he bought in at $0.05 a share — he backed a young Mark Zuckerberg, a bet that delivered billion dollar returns for investors, and himself.

On this episode of the Forbes Interview podcast, hear Breyer’s insider’s take on that social network, his favorite qualities in an entrepreneur and lots of talk on AI, the tech field he says is growing at a speed heretofore unseen. Also, hear his insight on the growing markets in China and how he works with innovation hubs like Harvard and Stanford to find the next generation of tech leaders.

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Why We’re Bullish on VeChain

VeChain is a product management platform integrated with Blockchain technology that puts unique IDs on the Blockchain. Vechain is focusing on transparency through anti-counterfeiting and supply chain management. Counterfeit luxury goods are a big problem (some sources say it’s over a 400-billion-dollar problem!) and VeChain, if successful, could offer a transformative solution.

Last I checked, VeChain has a strong team and has already established some compelling partnerships with organizations like PwC. Ideally and eventually, Vechain will implement their technology and help diminish numerous supply chain inefficiencies. If Vechain can execute, they could be a leader in item validation, and capture a meaningful portion of the growing cross border e-commerce market.

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