Introducing Leo Grady – Breyer Capital’s CEO in Residence

The last several years have been exciting for Breyer Capital as we’ve devoted significant time and resources to identify and invest in the world’s most promising healthcare AI opportunities and founders. As 2021 comes to a close, I couldn’t be more excited by our portfolio. I also know the best is yet to come.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I could never do this work alone. Healthcare AI is complex and changing quickly and I owe a debt of gratitude to the women and men who have helped us make sense of this space. One such individual, Leo Grady, has been incredibly generous with his time and mind. Today I am thrilled to announce that Leo will be joining Breyer Capital as a CEO in Residence.

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Jim Breyer joins Paul-Bernhard Kallen for DLD All Stars

Breyer and Kallen discuss Breyer Capital’s Series A investment in Facebook, Healthcare AI investing, and the future of Venture Capital.

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Facebook investor Jim Breyer picks Austin as Breyer Capital’s second home
Tech Crunch, Monday September 14th, 2020

Earlier this year, in the middle of a pandemic, Jim set up a second home for his personal fund in Austin, Texas. The move is a sign of Austin’s growing clout as a technology hub and another indication that Silicon Valley, New York and Boston may have more competition from a growing collection of cities for tech talent and national attention.

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Introducing Breyer Capital Austin
Austin Startups, August 4th, 2020
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New Portfolio Company: OJO Labs

Breyer Capital is proud to announce our investment in OJO labs. See below for a note from OJO’s CEO: John Berkowitz:

It is in times of crisis when individuals, teams, and organizations true character is tested. I could not be more proud of how team OJO rose to the issues of 2020. They became pragmatic, resilient, never made excuses, and got focused on progress. While ensuring the business not only survived but thrived they not once forget our company value of ‘show compassion’ and leaned in to help our local communities, supported other local businesses, and stood up loud and mighty in the face of social injustice. This is a big day for OJO Labs and Movoto but watch out we are only just getting started! Welcome to the family Imtiyaz Haque and the rest of the incredibly talented Movoto family! Lastly things like this couldn’t be possible without brilliant investors who have your back and believe in your mission. Very fortunate to have Russell Valdez and team Wafra, Krishna Srinivasan and team LiveOak Venture Partners, Jim Breyer and team Breyer Capital and many other incredible investors in our corner fueling our ambitions!

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Paige adds $5M from Goldman Sachs
Tech Crunch, April 23rd, 2020

The round comes from Goldman Sachs, specifically its merchant banking division, and is an extension to the Series B of $45 million that Paige announced in December 2019 led by Breyer Capital. Leo Grady, Paige’s CEO, said that the startup has not been doing any COVID-19-related work — its focus is squarely on cancer research at the moment — but he also said that the recent health pandemic has shone a light on some of the shortcomings that existed in the medical world, an area that Paige is addressing in its work….

“Paige’s leadership is doing a fantastic job in building a stellar team and seizing opportunities in this exciting market,” added Jim Breyer, founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, also in a statement.

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